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"Welcome to the future of the global economy! The One World Coin (OWC) and its continental currencies are at the forefront of financial innovation. By uniting continents with a decentralized digital currency, we promote borderless trade, financial inclusion, and sustainable economic growth. Join us on the journey towards shared prosperity."

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# One World Coin (OWC): A Decentralized Global Currency System ## Abstract The One World Coin (OWC) is a proposal for a decentralized global digital currency, designed to unify financial transactions across the globe. The OWC serves as the main currency, with specific subsidiary currencies for each continent such as the One American Coin (OAC), One Europe Coin (OEC), One Africa Coin (OAFC), and One Asia Coin (OASC), all pegged to the OWC. ### Introduction In an increasingly globalized world, the need for a unified currency that can be used across all continents is clear. The OWC and its subsidiary currencies aim to facilitate trade, reduce exchange rates, and promote economic stability. With blockchain technology, the OWC provides a secure, transparent, and efficient solution for international financial transactions. ### Conclusion The One World Coin and its continental currencies represent a bold step towards a unified global financial system. With the implementation of the OWC, the world can expect greater economic efficiency, financial inclusion, and a robust platform for the future of global commerce.